Sunday, June 18, 2006

Peekaboo, Pike Place and earthquakes

My mom playing peekaboo with son nr. 1. (clever photo trick eh?) I think this was on a camping near Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone...I think. Mom I need your help, we have to take some time to sit together and add places and dates to these pictures. I know you know all of them!

And this was one scary experience. Visiting the market in this beautiful old building at the Puget Sound side and browsing the stalls, we heard the tall glass windows rumble and the floor tremble. I heard local people scream, leaving their merchandise behind and run for the exit. It took only seconds before mother instinct took over, I literally shoved my husband and the children outside and positioned them in an open area so they would not be harmed by falling debris: stay there and keep the children with you! (loudly protested by Dear Husband) and dashed back in to retrieve my Mom and Dad who were still playing tourists and browsing the stalls.. I had to drag them out (Mom got bruises to prove), shouting: "Earthquake get out of here"! They wouldn't believe me, thought all these people were chasing a thief...
To cut a long story short, I was scorned by the adults all day long, because I had behaved silly, made something out of nothing, there was no earthquake. I couldn't convince them (almost in tears from shock: didn't you feel the floor roll, I felt in my knees, all these people shouting) so the next day I insisted we buy a newspaper. Et voilá, a 4.9 earthquake! Being the most powerful shallow earthquake to be recorded in decades along the Seattle Fault. True heroine I was, be it only in my point of view! Saved my family from a real earthquake (Okay no serious damage was recorded and the building was still standing but hey....). Hello Seattle!

We did enjoy Seattle though, saw the fishmongers at Pike Place Market play the audience, throwing -and catching!- large fish around, visited the Space Needle, and enjoyed the view.


  1. Love your stories, baking.
    Even thought about putting them in print? seems a good idea to me :)

  2. That was the year our son moved to Seattle. That was a real earth quake. You definitely behave like a heroine even if they couldn't figure it all out.
    I love Pike's Place Market and the fishmongers are the most fun!!
    Thanks again for a great story!!

  3. The message is always listen to mamma! You did the right thing!


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