Saturday, April 29, 2006

Lemon & chicken

Seriously gorgeous chicken. Simple recipe. Great flavour. Lemons, onions, garlic and thyme. Chicken. The aroma seeping from your oven! This is Delia at her best.

All you need:
Chicken (1, possibly free range)
olive oil (2 tbs, lemon scented? Yeah!)
lemon (1, organic)
onions (2)
fresh thyme (to taste)
garlic (6 cloves)

I think I already mentioned that didn't I? Rub your chicken with lots of seasalt and pepper from the mill. In a shallow ovendish splash one or two tbs of olive oil (I added a little knob of butter). Again, I strongly recommend the lemon oil from Oil and Vinegar! At the moment there is a bottle of home-made lemon oil in the making, I will let you know the results when it is ready for tasting.
Drag your chicken through the oil so it is lightly covered. Arrange in the baking dish.
Now cut the lemon in 6 pieces, same with the onions. I only used 2 medium ones but we fought each other over it at the table so feel free to use some more. Scatter the unpeeled garlic cloves, the lemon and onions in the dish around the chicken, use 1 or 2 lemonpieces to stuff the chicken with. Sprinkle with thyme.
Preheat oven 200C (400F) and cook for 45 - 60 minutes. 20 minutes before end of cooking time use the juices to ladle over the chicken a couple of times.


  1. That is a beautiful chicken, Baking Soda. Well done!

  2. Beautiful. (Slap my forehead) why didn't I think of dropping some onions and garlic directly into the pan. Home roast lemon chicken can't be beat. Why do people buy them at the store?

  3. Ik heb net een serieus fout boek gelezen (met zo'n hartje op de rug van het boek, jeweetwel, van de bieb) en daar aten ze zo om de pagina lemon/chicken, hahaha, grappig om nu het recept bij jou tegen te komen!


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