Friday, March 31, 2006

Something out of nothing..

Winter Carrotsoup (vegetarian)
4 tbs sunflower oil
2 onions, diced
2 garlic cloves minced
1 heaped ts cuminseeds crushed
500 gr carrots (the large ones; winterwortel)
2 fairly large potatoes, diced
1 slice of celeriac (approx 1 inch, 150 gr), diced
1 to 1,5 ltr vegetable broth (adjust to the thickness you like)

2 tbs mustard
100 ml orange juice
1 chilipepper, in small rings
optional: thin slices of chorizo

Heat the oil in a thick bottom pot and fry the onions, garlic, and cuminseeds for a few minutes. Add carrots, chilipepper and celeriac, stir and fry for another 5 minutes.
Add the broth, orange juice, mustard and potatoes and bring to a boil, let cook for about 20 minutes or till the vegetable are really done. Prick with a fork to test.
(A vegetable broth is easily made on the back of your stove, simmering away and making use of all the odd bits of veggies left in your fridge/pantry. Use the green ends of leek, broccoli stalks, a clove spiked onion, some cauliflower, carrots, a bay leaf, parsil and celery stalks).
Puree the vegetables in a foodprocessor or a blender. Make sure the puree is well mixed with the broth again. I think there is not much need for additonal salt and pepper but you may adjust this to taste.

I like to serve this soup with garlic-croutons and some slices of chorizo. You could serve this with additonal shredded cheese or, when you serve the soup in individual bowls, grill with some cheese in your oven á la onionsoup. The result is a velvety orange soup with a nice hint of celery and warm flavour of cumin lingering, very filling, a meal in a bowl, like you would expect of split pea soup !
Sprinkle some parsly or chives on top before serving. In a luxurious mood you could have a bowl of crème fraiche on the table. All you need is a fresh baked loaf of bread (home made whole wheat would be great) and you’re ready to roll!

I'd like to add this post to the one time event Lindy over at Toast is hosting, called "Something out of nothing" where she is looking for "favorite, splendid and delicious bargain recipes". I had this wonderful brunch recipe in mind but seriously nuked it into it's going to be soup this time. The next time the bottom of your wallet is in sight, check out Toast for recipes!


  1. This looks terrific. Thanks!

  2. What an interesting combination of flavors--I REALLY want to try this. Thank you!

  3. This sound delicious -- very flavourful and comforting and just a little bit exotic. Yum!

    I found your blog from Lindy's roundup. You have a lovely site! I really wish I could read Dutch, too!

  4. Thank you Tania, and welcome to BmD! Hope to see you again.


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