Friday, March 24, 2006


Had to try this (again). Made some before, they never saw the daylight because they were, ahem, quite yuk!
I don't understand this dough, it is wet, soggy. Makes me hesitate, you know when you are in kindergarten and the nice miss tells you to get your hands into a gooey mass, smiles and says well go on, make something nice and we'll put it out to dry and it will be sooooo lovely (papier maché trauma). For me that is what scones are all about...
My hands were in a glue like blub, and the recipe was telling me: go on, make something nice, add some flour if needed. SOME flour? You mean half a bucket? Just who are you kidding? In the meantime this stuff was definitely alive and kicking, creeping out of the bucket, up to my armpits into my hair. Kept my calm, added some (hah) flour and kept scraping (no need of kneading here). Patted it into a circular shape (more or less, pat, pat, making re-assuring sounds as I plodded on). Shoved it into the oven, closed the door. Quick before it escapes! And there they were.....scones...with cheese and leeks.


  1. I must say, looking at that dough, that the result is amazing.
    But...........nope...let it passing me by and going to bake something else...if you don't mind ;-)

  2. Fun write up of the kindergarten experience! Have to agree with Valeria, amazing result from that dough. It looks good.


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