Monday, March 20, 2006

Kiwi fruit Jam

Kiwi fruit was on offer last week, ate two, son nr. 1 ate 2. And that was it. I could have guessed, other family members aren't wild about kiwi.. So I peeled and diced 9 kiwi's (ate another one), cooked it with sugar and some lemon-juice, added some lemon zest. In the process of cooking the kiwi turned pale of shock...
hmmm doesn't look appetizing at all. Dashed into the basement, few drops of food colouring did the trick. And hey presto, kiwi jam! Filled two jars and in a stroke of genius (pfff) added a shot of limoncello, stirred. Son nr. 1 loved it in his yoghurt and on bread. Emptied one jar in 4 days....the other jar was a present for a friend... It sure looked pretty.


  1. It looks lovely. Sounds tasty too. It's funny how green things so often go pale or brown when cooked. Same with grapes and green tomatoes. Only spinach seems to stay really green. But much as I like spinach, I can't imagine that spinach jam would be very nice!

  2. If you're gutty, try this one....
    sugar mellon with red peppers (chilli) and that jam-sugar.
    It's great :)

  3. Leuk om te weten dat IK misschien wel de reden ben van je wat minder aantal blogjes.... ik vond het heeeeeel gezellig, en ik heb heel veel aan onze gesprek gehad. Ik hoop het nog vaak met je te mogen meemaken, volgende keer op het strand (?)(mooi weer, voeten in het water....) .... lijkt me heerlijk!

    tot gauw,



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