Saturday, February 04, 2006

Strange things...

are going on.
Something's wrong with the comments section, I've been receiving comments and answering them this afternoon and none of them showed up here!
I answered (eh, about four times) the following:
So the picture did it to you too? This is too strange!. To make this picture I arranged the cookies on a piece of purplish blue cloth. Nothing wrong with that, but when I uploaded the photo, it tricked my eyes/mind and it looks like the cookies are in a kind of mold? Like paper cupcake things or something like that. Very strange but it is a combination of shape and shadow I quess. (Are you familiar with the picture where you see either two vases or a woman?). Now-you-see-it-now-you-don't kind of thing.
That's what I was thinking, but now ... maybe some strange life form has silently taken over my entire blog or at least the comment section.....the purple blue ghost is haunting us...beware!


  1. That's exactly what I saw! I just could't figure out how you could put a coffeecup on it!! So I enlarged your photo and then I got it!
    Still curious what they're made of.
    Let's see if this comment reaches its goal.

  2. I think blogger was down much of yesterday, so your comments probably fell victim to their technical problems.
    The photo is really quite amazing. Even now that I know it is an optical illusion, my eyes won't adjust, and it still looks like some kind of blue paper muffin frame!

  3. The illusion is mainly caused by the fact that the shadows are above the objects. That was confuses our eyes, they're used to light that comes from above of sideways ...I guess if you'd put it upside down the illusion is over.

  4. weblog was overbelast misschien???
    Ik had ook dat opties bedrog en zat ook te kijken naar een vormpjes dingetje en dan blauw totdat ik er wat langer naar keek en zag dat het de donkerbruine ieder geval iets wat daar voor door moesten gaan.....waren.

    Altijd leuk ook om te zien en lezen dat het bij anderen ook kan mislukken he??? Dat maakt dat je eigen mislukkingen je minder onzeker maken..

    Ik zou vrijdag beginnen met een royal crown brood...nee dus niet gelukt nu ga ik van de week het nog eens proberen. Geduld is iets wat wel groeit naarmate je meer bakt ;)


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