Friday, February 03, 2006

So cute!

Aren’t they sweet?
Chorus: Yes!
Aren’t they cute?
Chorus: Yes!
Aren’t they evenly shaped?
Chorus: Yes!
Nicely browned?
Chorus: Yo!
Voice out of chorusline: What’s with the starshape, Christmas is over, woman!
Chorus: Sssssh!
Don’t they smell great?
Chorus: Yessss!
Would you like the recipe?
Chorus: Yay!
No, you don't!

Drumbeat, music, tadadadaaaa....
I invented Lebkuchen look-a-like …… coasters!
Might drill holes in them and use as Christmas ornaments. Play shuffle-board. Improve Ninja-skills. Whatever.!

Let me tell you: you don’t want to try this at home.


  1. Hmm? Curious.
    What are those pretty blue star things?
    Are you going to explain?

    Posted by lindy to Bake My Day at 2/04/2006 08:32:38 PM

  2. I need to know. What are those blue things? Please explain...

    Posted by lindy to Bake My Day at 2/04/2006 03:11:02 PM

  3. Hmmm onderzetters in sterretjes vorm zijn die al voor kerst '06??? :D

    Je kunt er ook misschien mee frisbeën??? Of in het midden een schroefje draaien en gebruiken als handgreepjes voor de keukenkastjes?

    Misschien nu een doe het zelf blog starten??? :D

    Posted by valéria to Bake My Day at 2/04/2006 02:32:55 PM

  4. I did! Three times now! I even copied and pasted your first entry because it wouldn't show up here! Then I answered and again and again and that stupid blogger thing refuses to show!

    Posted by Baking Soda to Bake My Day at 2/04/2006 08:34:52 PM


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