Friday, February 10, 2006


Not again! Is she always making these bloody rolls (coils, mini's, buns, knots)? Well, she does own this new standmixer and hey, she can process a lot of dough now and well, there are three kids around and frankly, what tastes even better than a simple slice of home-made bread? Well? A home-made roll of course! Even when it's made out of the same dough, my kids loooooove "bolletjes".
Honestly, look at the beauties, need I say more?
The dough originated from a left-over bowl of sponge ((12 oz hot water, 16 oz flour, 1/4 ts yeast, stand 8 hrs or fridge 14 hrs from Amy's bread) combined with a desire to test the capacity of my mixer. That and a couple of mixed methods creates wonderful bread.

280 gr sponge (from batch of sponge, see above)
280 gr hot water
-> mix to break up sponge and add:
90 gr cool water
220 gr bread flour
300 gr whole wheat
1.1/2 ts yeast
2 ts honey
3 tbs vegetable oil
-> mix till combined and sprinkle with:
100 gr barley flour
100 gr bread flour
2 ts salt
1 tbs gluten
-> Cover with plastic wrap. Allow to ferment for approx. one hour or so. You'll see cracks appear (Volcano!). The sponge will bubble through in places.
-> Now mix till a nice elastic doughball cleans the sides of the bowl. Oil a large bowl and place the dough back into the bowl. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and let it rest in a cool place. (Take your pick: fridge, basement, pantry)

The next morning you will be greeted by a nice fully risen bowl of dough ready to deflate and shape. Second rise as normal. Bake off at 230C for about 20 minutes, depending on size and shape.

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  1. These are gorgeous. I have never used barley flour-I think I will get me some-if I can find it, and give it a try.
    This week I made some rolls with half white whole wheat flour, half King Arthur's All Purpose. I loved the taste- the white whole wheat was very flavorful, and slightly sweet.
    I had never cooked with it before, but a friend gave me part of a bag she wasn't using. The rolls were lighter (in weight, as well as color) than the same ones done with regularly whole wheat and white, and chewier than the ones made with regular white flour only.


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