Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Crown Jewels

2nd attempt: Two crowns, one batch, different shape, same recipe

In addition to my Royal Crown post, here are the results of my fellow-bakers! They took up the challenge and produced some wonderful loaves, each with their own home-made signature.
Arden made this one:

And Lien:

As this was entirely an internet exchange, I haven't been able to taste but they sure look deli, I'm so proud of you girls! Especially since we have never met in person, these exchanges make me feel I've made some new wonderful friends.
I couldn't resist making this bread again, so at this point of time (12.00 am) the dough is "auto lysing" and I will post a picture of the result as soon as it is finished (and the light is still good enough to make yummy pictures). Result at the top of this post.


  1. They look wonderful!
    I hope you all have plenty of family and friends to help you eat them- they are so enormous!

    I made pea soup this weekend using your recipe, and the results were very similar to my amateur recipe, and very good.
    I have come to the conclusion that the celeriac is an essential ingredient. I love that stuff, but it is quite expensive in our shops. I wish it wasn't, I would like to use it in more things.Is it expensive in Holland, too?

  2. Beautiful picture, beautiful breads and ..beautiful antique tins you have.And how lovely it is all together!

  3. Heb vandaag dit fantastische brood nogmaals gebakken. Wat is dat toch een lekker brood. Heb alleen het voordeeg en een groot deel van de bloem ditmaal vervangen door speltmeel:

  4. Ziet er mooi uit Soepkipje! Goed idee met spelt, lekker!


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