Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Brussels Sprouts

Wondering I was overwhelmed by the bread I made? Nope, but we had a very busy weekend, saturday was fun, meeting with friends and cooking a "blog-menu" and sunday we enjoyed a very cold day at the Zoo. But today was all about cooking winter comfort food. Tonight we had brussels sprouts with mashed potatoes, beef and bacon sausages. The kids weren't too happy but they will have to endure only 1 meal of sprouts each winter so they are clear now!

I have a sore thumb, due to peeling and cutting a lot of vegetables and fruit today. Made some apple sauce, peeled an incredible lot of potatoes for tonight as well as tomorrow (tomorrow will be sauerkraut, talking about winter food!). Also cleaned an impressive mound of vegetables to make split pea soup "erwtensoep". I will post about it tomorrow so stay tuned!

P.S.: it is about the most expensive pea soup I ever made, I got a speedingticket on my way to the grocery shop! Grrr, a couple of grown-up men with a lasergun, hiding behind a tree, waiting to book little innocent me ::bats lashes:: for only driving 10 km over the speed limit.... :-(


  1. I love sprouts- but people seem to feel strongly about them, one way or another. My daughter, V. and brother, R. have both loathed them as long as I can remember. This christmas, V. decided she liked them after all, and ate 2 helpings. So there is hope. (R. remains opposed, however.)
    I am looking forward to the pea soup post.

  2. Confession: As a kid I spent some time at the kitchen sink with a chair and my plate of sprouts, stubbornly refusing to eat them... (Mom I know you read this, I was the only one really enjoying yesterdays dinner haha). There is hope!

  3. that sound so familiar!!! Hours alone at an empty dinnertable, behind a plate with one whole sprout on it. ("You only have to eat one dear, there's more vitamine C in it than in a orange" they said)
    Sorry no hope for me, although people have tried to convert me; give me an orange instead!!!

  4. Our kids love sprouts!! Don't cook them too long (with an old crust of bread added to it, so you don't have that awfull smell while cooking),soak them with melted butter or...peanutbutter sauce, the way we use for our "saté". Just try...believe me!

  5. Tot grote afkeer van mijn vader en zus aten wij op mijn verjaardag, vaste prik:

    Kipfilet (met zo'n lekker korstje zoals alleen mijn moeder kan), parijse aardappeltjes ennnnnn HEEL VEEL SPRUITJES!!!



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