Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bread baking skills

I am simply and truly amazed! Flabbergasted, astounded you name it! I stumbled across this site, and although I have only watched the first video, here I am, eyes wide shut, mouth wide open, feeling a bit weird….

There is this guy, showing us how to bake bread, in one of these cookshow set-ups, and he is wearing a black, yes a BLACK, shirt with the sleeves buttoned at his wrists! Mind you, no apron. And he is handling dough! You know, the thing you get when mixing flour, water and the likes…. In this first video he is showing us silly homebakers how to make a fruity, apricot couronne.

In his black shirt.

No apron.

No stains

No flour flying around

No flour on the floor

Not in his hair

No flour up to his elbows

In his black shirt.

I am known not even to be able to drink my coffee without staining my clothes, let alone baking bread without spilling flour all around me. In a black shirt. With sleeves down my wrists. I can do this. I’m sure I can pull this of. He is using exactly the same rolling pin I have and look at the wooden cutting board (Yay Ikea!) that’s the one I have in my kitchen, so all I need is a black shirt and all will be well.
Bye for now! (Off to the shops singing: black shirt, black black).

Oh by the way, his name is Paul Hollywood. (Hollywood that’s right….the city where dreams come true)

Go and check this out.(did I say please? Okay, please)


  1. Don´t cry, don´t be jalous..THEY JUST DON´T SHOW YOU EVERYTHING !!

  2. Yeah, that's just how great he is. I'm so glad that UK Food TV airs thier clips online!

  3. Ik zal je zeggen dat ik zelfs helemaal wit zie als ik alleen maar het pak broodmix omkieper in de bbm...!


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