Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The quest for chocolate chip cookies travels

Although I'm not that fond of cookies (not exactly sweet toothed, more like blue cheese and crackers and you can hand over that bowl of potato chips anytime!) I must admit that home-baked cookies right from the oven are irresistable. I like my cookies crisp on the edges and chewy, but not cakey, in the middle. My oh so sweet sister provided me with different kinds of chocolate chips from her trip to Minneapolis along with poptarts wooha! For the US-readers; although of late we do have chocolate chips in the Netherlands, we don't have all the different flavours (toffee bits, hmm).

I followed Nic from Bakingsheet for this recipe (who was in turn inspired..) to find the best chocolate chip cookie. I added raspberry flavored chocolate chips. Couldn't figure out the portioning, using my ice cream scoop (it says 8/10 on the handle) got me huge cookies, I'm Dutch remember =:). So the next batch was marble sized. And the result? Mwah I have seen better cookies. The taste was ok but no more than that. So I figured I missed something, Nic's cookies looked delicious, mine were eeehh, cookies? And I want them round all the way round ::huh::, not uneven.
I used margarine in the recipe, would that account for the upper crust to be flat and not crackled?

Another recipe for you to try:

75 gr softened butter
75 gr brown sugar
75 gr yellow sugar
1 egg beaten
½ tl vanilla-essence
150 gr ap flour
1 t baking powder
25 gr dutch processed cocoa
½ t salt
120 gr filling (choc. chips, m&m’s, nuts, raisins..etc. etc.)

Oven 350F

In a large bowl cream the butter and sugars. Beat in the egg and vanilla flavouring.
In a separate bowl combine and whisk flour, baking powder and cocoa. Combine and stir the flour mixture followed by the chocolate chips.

Cool the dough in the fridge for at least an hour, form marble-sized balls, slightly flatten the balls with the back of a wet spoon and bake for approx. 12 minutes.

Ohoh, I forgot to take pictures....now I have to do this again don't I? What's that cheering in the background? Kids jumping up and down?

(edit: All these links I have so painfully (it didn't hurt so it must be painstakingly? well y'know what I mean) inserted don't seem to work, my apologies, I have to do my homework again...and again...and I really tried!)

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  1. Van het weekend drie kilo tamme kastanjes geraapt.

    Wat kunnen 'we' daarmee doen?



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