Thursday, February 25, 2010

Round up Bread Baking Buddies: Ensaïmada

The Bread Baking Babes have been baking delicate small rolls called Ensaïmadas in our February Kitchen, and as always we've invited you to bake along with us and become a Bread Baking Buddy! This is the round-up of Buddies that have been baking Ensaïmadas, enjoy!

Nicole (Delicious Days) thank you for letting us use your recipe!

The first to show how she rolled was Andrea over at the blog Family and Food, look at those lovely layers:
And then there's Soepkipje who's pictures can be found on her fotoblog she used all olive oil and made different fillings, would love to try her bavarian cream ones!

Next up is Anne Marie at Rosemary & Garlic, she followed the link to the videos and discovered the Spanish language isn't hard at all especially when chocolate is mentioned!

I know for sure there's one canine happy to be in the kitchen, Elle from Bread Baker's Dog has baked with us and made these beauties:
Nicole, Bread, butter and buns, was transported back to her teens when she baked Ensaimadas, she actually lived in Mallorca once...sweet memories indeed!
Andreas who is travelling with us to catch some -much needed- early sun at Delta's kitchen:
Kelly shares her Ensaímadas in her Messy Kitchen, breaking a lance for pork fat and butter; the good stuff (her words ;)All the way from Italy another Buddy; Cinzia at Cindystar surprised her kids with these ultra-light buns for breakfast!
Stay tuned for the next episode of Bread Baking Babes around this time next month on a blog near you, another one of my fellow Babes has already dreamed up a new and exciting recipe and we're getting out our gear and flourdusting our work surfaces...


  1. Wow! Totally wonderful buddies!

  2. Nice roundup. Thank you for hosting this month.

  3. Dat ziet er lekker uit, zeg! Ik heb geen idee waarom ik hier uberhaupt aan denk omdat ik al lid ben van twee baking clubs (en in maart begin ik mijn eigen maandelijkse clubje, dus da's drie), maar hoe word je lid van de Bread Baking Babes? Ik heb een beetje gezocht naar de "BBB regels" maar kan niks vinden. Ik beloof niks maar zou er best meer over te weten willen komen. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the round-up, Karen!

  5. What a great roundup, everybody's had great results and interesting innovations. I think I'm going to rebake these and try some of the fillings......Oh boy!

  6. Wonderful buddy round-up! Thanks so much. xoox

  7. Well done Buddies! (and you!)


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