Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Marketday = Bargain day?

Remember marketday? The strangest things happen on those days, sometimes you get to buy a quarter cow (for those of you who are not Dutch there is an old rhyme that says: went to the market, got me a cow... ), sometimes it just makes for lovely pictures. We did some major fruit and vegetable shopping, hauling loads of oranges, lemons, carrots, peppers, tomatoes and greens home. These, combined with coughing sirop and some good nights sleep (and Advil) should be able to beat the flu and colds haunting our house. Couldn’t resist the Maroccan marketstall and bought some great tomatoes, feta cheese and of course olives, was tempted and bought quinces too.. (post will follow soon).
But before that, we first went to
"de Slegte", a bookshop that buys and sells second hand books but they also carry new books against reduced prices. We love to browse the shop, you never know what you will find. This time we were looking for books on Sweden as we plan to go there for this summer’s holiday. Went to the upper floor to scan the second hand travel section, and had a not so quick scan of the cook book section…..
There were lots of interesting books against reasonable prices but I restrained myself until I stumbled upon…..a (only one) volume of
Maggie Glezer's “Blessing of Bread, Recipes and Rituals, memories and mitzvahs! A book dedicated to the many rich traditions of Jewish bread baking around the world”.
Tell me, could you resist?
I know I tried! Picked it up, scanned the text and recipes, put it back, turned around to leave, picked it up again, looked at the price on the back, put it back again. Glanced through some other books, back to Maggie again, layed it down to view the front and back jacket. Had it stuck under my arm for a while (you know, just to feel it…). Finally put it back and then the Husband stepped in and grabbed the book, thrusted it in my hands and spoke: Go on, take it, you know you’ll love it! I did a faint whisper: Are you sure? But at the same time had the book in my hands never to return it to the shelves…. GOT IT! I love it when The Husband comes along on marketdays……

(Didn't know then but now I know this was a real bargain at 20,-- euros!)


  1. Het lijkt wel of de engelstalige bakboeken Europa veroveren. En ik moet nog zoveel bakken uit Bethje en Artisan Baking. Niet dat ik al die bakboeken zou willen hoor, of toch, nèèèh... Lijkt me best leuk, zo'n eigen bib met bak- en kookboeken.


  2. Datzelfde stond ik me vanmorgen onder de douche te bedenken (ach ja, je moet maar ergens even plek hebben om rustig te denken he?).
    Ik heb nog niet de helft gebakken uit de andere boeken die ik heb, datzelfde geldt ook trouwens voor mijn andere kookboeken. En ik vermoed dat "we" elkaar ook een beetje opjutten/aansteken hiermee, en eigenlijk bedacht ik me dat dat ook weer niet de bedoeling was. Dat probeer ik mijn kinderen altijd mee te geven en kijk nou eens wat moeders doet... ;-)

  3. Wow, market day sounds stupendous! I do envy you the book, too. I had it out of the library once, failed to make anything, and have never found it on the shelf again.
    Her first book is a particular treasure of mine, rather stained with flour and dough spots, and very well used.

  4. I know, I love her for her clear directions in the recipes. You were the one that pointed me in her direction with the Royal Crown Tortano, so I have to thank you for that. ;-)

  5. What a great market day! Nice to have support for a passion.


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