Wednesday, March 29, 2006

SSD - 2 (Sourdough Starter Diary)

Wednesday morning:
My starter looked like this. Now proceed with the following. Dissolve 30 (scant 2 tbs) grams starter (discard the rest) in 30 (2 tbs) grams water, then add 50 grams (1/3 cup)bread flour.

Knead this soft dough. Place it in a clean jar or lidded container and let it ferment.

I didn't discard the rest of the starter, instead I made a dough with it, using 300 gr bread flour, 200 gr. whole wheat, 3/4 ts yeast, 295 gr water, 1.1/2 ts salt, 1 ts sugar, the zest of an orange and some sunflower oil. This dough is now in its first rise, I will keep you updated on the outcome. Edit: bread with excess starter:


  1. Wonderful!!! Bravo!!!

    I have been dreaming of trying sourdough bread for a long time but have been a bit intimidated by the starter. Thanks for demystifying it. Great job!

  2. Hi ivonne, and welcome to BmD! Hope to see you again.

  3. The bread from the excess looks beautiful!


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