Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dark Chocolate

From the archives. Three out of my four boys in heaven. I tried to ligthen it a bit with zest of an orange but this is definitely a male cake, very dark, very moist and filling. One small piece I imagine can get you well into the afternoon. On a rainy afternoon, it was the first recipe from my newly acquired standmixer cookbook.
The result: mwah, it was good as long it was slightly warm from the oven. Once cooled, no more than a massive moist chunk of not-so-good chocolate cake.


  1. Niet om het een of ander hoor, maar wat ligt dat lekkers op een mooi bordje!

    Ben eigenlijk ernstig nieuwsgierig wat er op de onderkant staat.....

  2. Well those boys are very lucky to have a mommy who bakes such a gorgeous cake!

  3. What a tough assignment, eat the cake before it cools! That's the job I want. Beautiful cake.

  4. yes, very male. *grunt grunt*. i entered a hot dog eating contest last week it's on my blog if you want to see

  5. Rich chocolately cake..Yummy!


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