Friday, May 26, 2006

Make believe... Zullen we doen alsof?

Let's pretend. Let's pretend it is the end of May and the weather is as gorgeous as it should be in May. Children are playing a final round of hide and seek before bedtime, parents are enjoying their cup of coffee, their faces turned to the last rays of the sun. The harsh truth: I'm wearing my boots again, the kids their fleece sweaters. It's raining 26 hours a day. So we dined outside, made a fire, roasted some marshmallows, and had our coffee (with a little splash of something good to keep warm).

Weet je, we doen gewoon net alsof. Net alsof het eind Mei is en net alsof het prachtig zomerweer is. We eten gewoon lekker buiten, daarna steken we de vuurkorf aan, de kinderen spelen nog even en roosteren marshmallows. Intussen genieten wij van een kop koffie (met een scheutje lekkers erin om warm te blijven), kijken af en toe naar de lucht. Niet om de laatste stralen van de zon op te vangen, maar om te kijken hoe lang het nog droog blijft.


  1. Way to go Baking Soda! Fly in the face of reality and still make it work for you. Umm, I could have used a little splash of something tonight. Not to keep warm, just to keep it together. Maybe I could bottle a bit of this Dallas 90° stuff and send it your way.

  2. Echte "kerels" ,jullie vijven !

  3. Suddenly, after a very mild spring, it has gotten too hot! It's 85F here! Ack. I hope this is temporary. I'll be pretending it's nice and breezy.


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