Saturday, April 01, 2006

Memories and cushions

Don't know where to start...Scanning the IMBB's agenda of upcoming events I saw this announcement about Lanang Pinoy nr 8, which is hosted by Edible Experiments, about memories of your childhood and the way you were introduced to kitchenthings or the ways in which you yourself let children participate in your everyday cooking. As my grandmother is still in my thoughts in my day-to-day life, I immediately thought of her and our sessions in the kitchen when I was little and entered this post. Later on we would exchange stories over the phone and she always enjoyed being part of our lives that way, listening to what I was up to, offering advice here and there and particularly giggled about the way I was trying to make something out of nothing, searching for a way to re-use items. (I remember using cooking water of potatoes and carrots as a base for soup and she told me this would help my family to survive a war. She knew! "Je zou een goede oorlogskok zijn").

I think of her when I make jellies and jams, whenever I stuff a chicken or turkey, making a ragout out of the beef used for beefbroth, making my carrotsoup (Made this soup years ago for a familygathering, everyone was initially a little weary due to the color as they were used to the vegetable or tomato soup that was usually served. Bowls were emptied, conversation resumed and she tugged my sleeve and whispered: well, it wás a nice soup but I think you should serve normal vegetable soup next time).

Oh boy, my eyes are a bit watery right now, so many little stories to share, so many happy memories. This was supposed to be a short post...
One last thing then, I finally completed a little project started some time ago, using semi-leather pants I had made (In my heart I knew I wasn't a leather pants kind-a girl but well...) and a jacket that I made (great color, nice model but entirely too stiff to wear) and used both items to make them into cushions/pillows?. Used old pillowcases and the stuffing of an old floorcushion to fill and tadaaaaa... Oma would be proud!


  1. Baking Soda,

    What a beautiful tribute to your grandmother! I has two grandmothers who were incredible ... so I know exactly where you're coming from.

  2. Thank you! You must be very lucky to have two such formidable women in your family.

  3. Hi Baking Soda, I too have a grandmother like yours, we call her Lola and I refer to her in most of my recipe commentaries. It seems she too has instilled a philosophy that is just her own into my everyday acts. Grandma's are just like that, sometimes :-)

    I found your blog through the Lasang Pinoy roundup at Edible Experiments, btw.

  4. Hi Jmom, welcome to BmD and you're absolutely right, some Grandma's are in a league of their own.


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