Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It must be the moon...

Yes, this definitely must be the moon or the handful of rye in my biga? Fact: this biga is absolutely alive and kicking. I must admit this dough is a double portion but still......
It turned out to be quite wobbly and it was quite impossible to make little rolls as I was planning to bake so I made two round rustic loaves instead.

Tomorrow one of these is going to be on the dinnertable featuring sushi and other fishy entrees. We will have a family dinner at my mom's house in memory of the birthday of my sweet grandmother who passed away this summer. We will raise our glasses in memory of a formidable lady, she was wise and witty, always showed a keen interest in our lives. Still being a part of this modern world she had her first cell phone at the age of 91! I am thankful that my sons had the opportunity to know her. She was my bonus mom when I was young, a bonus granny to my sons and introduced me to cooking and baking. I remember preparing my first turkey and rushing over to her house when the stupid beast refused to do what I was planning. Together we prepared a perfect turkey on her granite kitchen counter. Ofcourse that was years after my first "baking cookies" assembled from biscuits, chocolate, butter and sugar. We've come a long way since then.....
So, this one is for you.

Edit: I entered this post to Lanang Pinoy nr 8, which is hosted by Edible Experiments, you can read more about it in this post .


  1. Een extra toost namens mij op je bijzondere Oma.Wens je een fine bijeenkomst en ook een beetje sterkte.Wat zou Oma graag meegeproost hebben..

  2. What a lovely post. And that bread looks divine! Oh, why haven't I learned not to go food blogging when my tummy is rumbling? : )

  3. Iska from Edible Experiments said:
    >>hi! your post about your grandmom is beautiful and your blog showing off your baking is a her legacy. i would really love to include your post in my round-up... special mention :)

    thanks and regards!
    iska of edible experiments


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