Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What I’ve been up to lately

Judging by the absence here  you’d say not much…

Agreed I didn’t bake as much as I used to but I find that my family’s busy schedules take them away from lunching/dining at home and I hate to see my fresh baked bread going to waste.

Then I took up on a new hobby  and that’s been eating away at my time as well. I have been sewing for years, ever since the boys were born. Sewing for little boys is fun and rewarding but that stops rather abruptly when they grow up. I don’t think they would want me to sew their chinos, jeans or sweaters.. So mainly I sew for me. Mostly I love doing that and I think I’d like to show more here but that would involve taking pictures of me wearing my me-made stuff! Yikes. Need to take that hurdle. Or maybe not.

So that’s garments I make.

The new sewing related hobby was born from seeing the waste of fabric. Those bits and pieces of left over fabric… too small or too awkward to sew something else and my thrifty mind thinks them too big to throw out.
That made me think quilts.
Started on my own, knowing nothing at all. Then took a class…. got hooked… I love to play with fabric, love to learn how to look different at fabric, learn to be daring with colors, step out of my comfort zone.

I started on a quilt for my sisters newborn and with what I know now I think I have to make her another one, a proper one. *shudders* Below it’s in its unfinished state. It’s all done now and her oldest is having fun with it so I hear, cuddling with it on the couch and using it for indoor pick nicks. IMG_3881

We made a sampler quilt in class, it’s not finished yet, blocks and sashings are in place, still need to attach the borders and then of course the padding and back and then the dreaded quilting itself…. Indecisive whether it’s going to be hand quilted or machine quilted. Again not a recent pic (sashings are done now).

The first picture in this post are potholders I made for one of the ladies in the quilt group. We try to keep it up and meet off class every once in a while. So far it’s been so much fun to do this together.

And because I have a scattered mind I already started on something new,  a very ambitious project; making a quilt for our bed. Our bed is huge. But.. I can at least try!? It’s going to be all log cabin in blue and red and I’m trying to get a Scandinavian feel to it. Or that’s the plan. We’ll see where we go.

Trying out different lay-outs here… and unpicking wrong strips LOL!


  1. Pretty quilts! I've been sewing most of my life, but with grown-up kids, I turned to quilts quite a few years ago. Quilting satisfies my artistic spirit, plus I have a reason (excuse) to collect beautiful fabrics in small amounts. Right now I'm heading off to our Guild meeting where I will turn in a challenge quilt for our upcoming show. I may well post a photo on my blog this afternoon.

    Happy Quilting and Bread Baking!!

  2. Lovely quilts...and such a nice use of color!

  3. I love your quilts - I uses to sew.... Now I knit and crochet but rarely have the time. Well done for just doing it!


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