Sunday, April 22, 2012

We walked... a lot! / Rode Kruis Bloesemtocht

The day after.... I can tell you that I am in love with my hiking boots! They saved my feet from blisters and sore spots, walked me through high wet grass and mud, kept me upright at the steep uphill slopes and the slippery bridges the Military Engineers laid out for us to cross the river.

Despite the threatening rain and overcast day we took off to walk 12 miles yesterday morning. This hike lead us through orchards (not much blossom at the moment, I can imagine it must be beautiful when the weather behaves a little better.)
 along the river
 and over the river
and this was a fun sight, up the dyke all we saw was this striped tent pictured against the cloudy blue sky and set off by the green green grass. Turned out to be the first rest place with a couple of places to buy coffee and sandwiches, life music and rows of benches to rest.


  1. The tent would be so wonderful to come upon!

  2. Great pictures! I can still see some spots of blue sky, hope it didn't rain. (I hate walking in the rain)

  3. What great pictures of a beautiful countryside. Thanks for sharing


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