Friday, September 02, 2011

Favorite things!


Probably the one necklace I wear most because it is so versatile. See how the colors shimmer? The stone seems to adapt to the colors you’re wearing. Green, purple, blue… (I never wear pink but I can see it would go with pink as well).

The story started with the bracelet; a present from Tanna and Sue when they visited us eh… way back in 2007? Needless to say I was thrilled! That visit continued in discovering London together and lo and behold, I found a matching necklace in one of the artist jewelry shops in Portobello market: love at first sight!

Fast forward to August 2011, holiday in the US for the first time since the boys were tiny toddlers, strolling through –very very touristy but oh the scenery!- Sedona.

We found lots of stores selling native American jewelry and I remembered Sue telling me they found the bracelet in a similar store…. you could have heard my brain clicking. So now I was an a mission… to find a pair of matching earrings! As you can see I succeeded!

Disclaimer: of course you are going to ask me what kind of stone it is and for the life of me I really cannot remember! I know I thought that I should keep the note that was in the box but can’t find it anymore. Grrrr!

EDIT: Thanks to Linda (Hi Linda!) who in her comment suggested that this could well be abalone shell I now know it is!

“The abalone is a mollusk shell that has been used for personal and ceremonial adornment since early times. Abalone has been considered sacred by many Native Americans.”

“Abalone Shell has the colors of the ocean in it, blues, greens, purples and yellows. It is soft to the touch from repeated tumbles in the sand and water. It has slight ripples on it like the patterns left in the sand as the waves lapse over it. It is comforting to hold it and rub the softness like you would a worry stone”

I also found some information on line discussing the healing properties, associated with women, motherhood, emotional balance…

I smile when I read this…. That’s exactly what I do when I wear it. I seem to always –almost absent mindedly- fiddle with this jewelry, just holding it or feel the softness with my fingers. Isn’t that intriguing?



  1. you were on a quest instead of a vacantion :). Amazing you've completed the whole 'set'. Love those colours.

  2. Quest/mission ... vacation ... you scored!

  3. You must have found that lovely necklace just after lunch at Books for Cooks .... I can't believe it was four years ago .... love that you've completed the set


  4. I think I did Joanna! Same here.. 4 years...

    Lien/Tanna: I do feel very lady like owning a real set, do you think it entitles me to lunch like ladies are supposed to do?

  5. Linda DeVries3/9/11 7:40 AM

    I love your blog! I live in Flagstaff Arizona. Are the jewelry pieces made with abalone shell?

  6. Wow! Thanks Linda for your comment. I googled it and you are absolutely right! Edited to include info.

  7. Thanks for the info! I have been looking for such a blue-green-silver necklace for many years now, nice to know that `abalone' may be just what I want...


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