Friday, June 22, 2007

Three girls in London are what?

Probably "Three -very- posh bangers in a bap"! I must comment however, we are certainly not "cheap as chips" no way, not us. Ask the fishmonger at James Knight in London..... and blame the hotelstaff for a true waste of fish-goodies (and money!). They wouldn't let us use the -computerized- minibar to store our treasures and even threatened with a penalty if we should have the courage to do so.... They did however were so kind to bring a bucket of ice. Ice melts. Plastic bag not entirely leakproof. End of fishy goodies. Start of fishy smelling hotelroom. It is so much fun to have all the pictures we took on my screensaver. Sue and Tanna were so sweet to copy their photos for me, and I giggle every time I see three (or even more) almost copies of the same scene pass by. (Credits for the photos are either Tanna's, Sue's or mine...)

Although the DH gets a little unnerved by the repeating pictures and tells me my laptop is in a loop. Well no honey, a loop is something completely different. A loop occurs preferably late at night, when you are tired from getting up early in the morning, travelling, walking the Docklands, visiting the euh .. carshow? (Oh well since you ask, I confused Canary Wharf with Butlers Wharf so we ended up in a mingle of highrises, business suits, drinks and high heels and eh, the carshow... yes I am entirely to blame!)

What we did find however was a very nice restaurant which served us very nice food and an even nicer dessert, which was completely responsible for us to completely clean the plate using all available hardware and that included fingers! But at the end you'll have to find your way back to the hotel. Shouldn't be too complicated. Unless you get caught in the loop. A twilight zone of Bermuda triangle proportions with the Oval station at it's centre. Every time we took another train we ended up at Oval.... Scary!

But the dinner we had! A friendly book store owner directed us towards some restaurants nearby, but not before he gave us his vision on the dangers of traffic in Amsterdam! (What's with the preoccupation with bikes in Amsterdam?).

If you happen to be in the neighborhood, I think all three of us can recommend to go to El Faro, situated on the waterfront (we were outside on the terrace), very friendly Spanish staff, lovely view and good food. In fact, it must have been good or we were starved because neither of us took photo's! I found this picture in Thomas Keller's Bouchon (oxo!) which resembles the cod we had.

We shared our second Tortilla de Patata, and all three of us had Bacalao glaseado con Allioli sobre salsa Vizcaina y Revoltillo de ajetes (that would be Irish Sea cod glazed with aioli, served on a bed of spring garlic with Vizcaina sauce) I discovered that "A la vizcaína, or Biscayne style", means that a dish is cooked in a dried-pepper sauce. Very very yummy.


  1. Loop the loop we did and way past our bed time!
    Yes, why all that attention or lack or to the Amsterdam bikes . . . maybe I'll tell.

  2. Oval Station -- not again!!! I can't believe we got no pictures at El Faro -- must have shown how loopy tired we were at that point. But we got our second winds the next 2 days for sure!!! Loads of fun and thanks for the great post which brings back memories and smiles!

  3. what a great adventure you three have had! Isn't is great that you foodbloggers meet worldwide and have such a good time!! I think that is really special!

  4. I'm terribly jealous.

    In addition to being jealous, I'm plotting a little. I'm making plans to visit family and friends in the UK (south- around Brighton) this fall or winter. Maybe we could meet up, say in London, on a weekend ?

    Think about it. There are quite a few food related London things I'd love to do, and see. And I suspect my English family will not be up for all of them!


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