Saturday, September 03, 2011

Black and white


Next project; a nice thick jersey and a new-to-me pattern magazine. I went and bought two fabrics yesterday and spotted the latest edition of the Ottobre in the store as well.

This is going to be a first for me, I usually stick with Burda and Knip but as of late I am not too happy with the fit of Knip; shoulders all of a sudden too narrow, I’m forever making adjustments for arms, hips and waist.

There are quite a few nice patterns in this magazine, I sort of like the bell bottomed coat (my sewing friend goes Eeeeek!) there’s a nice basic t-shirt, the dress on the first page is fun, and I wonder if I can pull it off to morph the high waisted winter bermuda  into regular pants. 
To start I am sewing one of the dresses although it’s not very fortifying to see they call this: “Old School Teacher….”. Mean ol’ School Marm anyone?

Yeah right. (Actually they say Old-School teacher as in retro/fifties style. Or so I make myself believe). Well I am not fazed, I will proceed because I like this shape a lot.

The patterned fabric proves to be equally difficult to cut as a stripe/checkered. First of all I have to take into account where the white parts will go because they will bring forward your , let’s call it your good and your bad?IMG_3733 Edit to say:
I cut into the fabric and the dress is almost finished! Yay! Not so yay is that I had to have the fabric open and position the paper pattern pieces so that I would have everything exactly as I wanted. That took quite some time. In the process of doing exactly that I forgot to pay attention to the fact that next to the pattern there’s also a stripe in there…. resulting in my side seams not matching. UGH!! Terribly out of practice I am!!

On a happier note; very satisfied with the fit and design of the pattern.


  1. You maybe think you're out of practice but I've never been able to once figure that all out. My mom was genius at it.

  2. Wow, you're on a roll here!! Good for you. I haven't sewn in years (unless you count the curtain hemming I did on store bought curtains last summer). When do we get to see the picture of the finished dress? :o)

  3. I agree: the dress is ``Old-school'', which need not be for old school-teachers at all! ;-) I am really curious how it turned out to be!

  4. I love this fabric! (Did you really cut it so the "squares" lined up? You ARE good!!)

  5. It's finished and I wore it first time out yesterday, on my Mom's birthday! Loved the feel and the thicker jersey made for extra comfy wearing.


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