Tuesday, September 06, 2011

ABC; Cheese Blintzes

cheese blintzes


ABC Badge_Post This is our September challenge for the ABC Bakers where we bake recipes from Flo Braker's "Baking For All Occasions". This time we bake page 130: Quintessential Cheese Blintzes.


To my Dutch ears this does not exactly sound delicious. Now try to seduce me with: Crèpes filled with a lemony creme fraiche and raspberry sauce…..Aaah! Much better.

I really think this will make an excellent –if rich- dessert for a nice showy dinner party but since we don’t dine this exquisite during weekdays I decided to do dessert for dinner and serve these. My family thinks I’m an A-list Mom right now. (I’ll enjoy it while it last ;-))

IMG_3743 Basically you make small really thin pancakes (crèpes), fill them with a heaped table spoon of fresh cheese mixture**. Roll them like you would roll an eggroll and carefully bake them again in a skillet with a little butter. Serve warm.

I used cream cheese I had in the fridge, mixed it with egg, some sugar, vanilla extract and lemon zest. No quantities here because I winged it and adjusted the other ingredients to the amount of cream cheese I had left. (Flo would like you to add a little salt to the mixture, I didn’t). My mix was a little runny and I added some custard powder to even that out. Turned out to be just right, a slight tang from the cream cheese very nicely balanced with sugar and lemon zest.

The raspberry sauce is just that; fresh raspberries from the garden, flash cooked in a sugar syrup. Yum!

Absolutely my kind of dessert!! (Or dinner..)

** (Flo mentions farmer cheese and I have no clue what that is, substitutes are ricotta cheese or something similar like creme fraiche or indeed cream cheese).


Side note for the savoury lovers: I had some creamy leek-mushroom ragout left over and filled a couple of crepes same style. Can we all say “stroke of genius”?


  1. I want to eat dinner at your house!! :o) Your raspberry topping looks great. Glad to hear creme fraiche worked for you. If I had time (aka if I didn't have a cold this past weekend), I would have made Ricotta from scratch, but alas, I grabbed a package of Philly cream cheese (it worked really well). And yes, these are great with savory fillings as well. My Russian friend filled them with spicy ground beef.

  2. I would have these savory or sweet! Sounds delicious! I think they would make good breakfasts too :)

  3. ... and yes I can say stroke of genius, I'd like two please;-)

  4. Ohw!....Beautiful pictures!!


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