Monday, May 17, 2010

The Bread Baking Babes… spice things up without me

IMG_0815 IMG_0788

While Natashya is in her Kitchen of the Month, and the other Babes gather round her kitchentable to enjoy Tunesian Spicy Pockets, I’m still stuck with this.

What you see here on the left is the view when you get up the stairs. Uplifting. Very.
The other picture is the small room, still in need of a finished floor. Come on guys, it only needs two and a half boards and then I can start sanding. Finish it!!

Today I’ve been waiting for the stucco guys. They didn’t show. Hate that. There was a hick-up. Only told me after I called. In the meantime someone could have finished my floor right? Or fix the ceiling panels. Or maybe clear the mess that’s in my “g.a.r.d.e.n”. Wouldn’t that be loverly?

I’m sure the spicy pockets would have been so nice today, I would have curled up in a chair, grabbed a book and munched my way through an entire plate!

All of you out there, go visit Natashya for the recipe and my Bread Baking Babes for yummy pics. Would you like to be a Bread Baking Buddy? What’s keeping you? Go on and bake; send your info plus pic to her before May 24th. All details to be found at Living in the Kitchen with puppies!


  1. On the upside, there's progress! It will be finished someday. Maybe when it's done we can be baking buddies together and do the spicy pockets.

  2. Counting days, hours, minutes when we can bring the wine and bake with you again!

  3. How frustrating for you!
    I'm with Tanna, can't wait til it's all done and we can come on over and have a baking/finished reno party!

  4. irritant dat die lui dan niet komen opdagen. Heb ik ook wel eens gehad. Dan bel je en dan zeggen ze doodleuk dat ze een andere klus tussendoor hadden. Grrrr

  5. Heel erg Grrr en weet je; dan ben ik eigenlijk zo verbijsterd en inmiddels murw dat ik nog niet eens boos genoeg wordt...

    Ik geloof dat ik niet lang een baan zou hebben als ik zo om zou gaan met deadlines.

  6. Wine wine and a reno party sounds divine girls!

  7. Ciao ! I'm sure it will be wonderful !!

  8. I kind of understand your frustration ;-)) - like waiting the the ast door on the kitchen cabinets.... or the corner tiles that still need to be grouted.... or.... You'll get there - and won't it be nice!

  9. Construction projects require so much patience. Hope I have as much as you when my upcoming bathroom project hits a snag. The mantra will be "it will be beautiful", prayed hundreds of times :) Your is going to be really beautiful!


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