Saturday, September 19, 2009

WCB Blue on white

Milo (or Jaws as in the Big White)

Never thought it would happen, but Jaws (officially called Milo but with his great white appearance nicknamed Jaws) is getting a little friendlier. He actually comes and cuddles up to you but you have to make sure you don't notice. He even started purring! Granted it's quite funny to hear such a soft modest purr coming from such a big cat, it's almost as if he doens't quite know how to.

Master headbumper; reaching incredible height on his hindlegs to bump heads with the boys. (I think it's probably his love for hairgel rather than love for the boys... naaaa... he adores son nr. 1)

Now you see 'm, now you don't!Milo (or Jaws as in the Big White)

This belongs to WCB this weekend with Samanta and Tigger


  1. wow those are truely blue eyes!!! Gorgeous.
    Guys that are just too good-looking can have a tendency to have bonding problems...

    Never knew shades grew on trees (love it!).

  2. That first portrait is perfectly posed - the blue on white and soft texture works very well - and that last close-up is very cute.

  3. Beautiful blue eyes, beautiful cat.

  4. I love his blue eyes. That's a gorgeous cat you have!

    I am also loving the lampshade in the picture!

    Ps. Re: Tea. I always serve some typically British (homemade!) food when people visit :-) No peanuts, cheese blocks or bits of sausage at our house. (That's almost always what we're offered when we visit people!)

  5. Thank you! Both for the cat and the lampshade! (we have two, birthday present made for me by a dear friend, so sweet!)

    @Fatbrideslim: haha, good!! I love it when I hear you say: "bits of sausage" Never thought of it that way but that's basically what they are. Funny. I never do that btw. Sooo 70's! ;-)

  6. Your cat looks so cute! I love his blue eyes!

  7. What beautiful eyes he has!

  8. Oh, that is such a sweet cat! I love ginger kitties!




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