Tuesday, July 07, 2009

You want Chocolate Raspberry Marzipan Pie with that?

The Badge
I thought so!
If only I could remember what I did to get that dense brownie-like chocolate dough....

I know for a fact that I spread it lightly with the last of the lemon curd, layered it with fresh raspberries from the garden and grated raw marzipan on top! Accidently achieving the same color scheme as in the badge for: You want pie with that? Sounds good no?

Recipe crust:
(adapted from KA cookie companion)

220 gr butter
40 gr vegetable shortening
300 gr sugar
1 ts salt
1 ts baking powder
40 gr (1/2 cup) cocoa powder (Dutch process/natural, I used the latter)
325 gr (11.1/2 oz) unbleached ap flour

lots of fresh raspberries (forgot to measure, they were fresh from the garden)
approx. 50 gr raw marzipan, grated
lemon curd (.... raspberry or orange curd!)

Uses a lightly greased 9x13" or 11x11" pan or similar size.
Preheat oven to 350F/175C
Beat butter, shortening, sugar, salt, baking powder until fluffy, sift together cocoa and flour and beat until well blended. Press two thirds of the dough in the pan and up the sides to form the crust. You might like to crumble the reserved dough over the topping, I used it to bake a mini pie.

Convince husband to let go of that last jar of lemon curd, scrape the jar and spread the crust with a thin layer of lemon curd. Top with fresh raspberries, sprinkle grated marzipan on top. Bake for 40 minutes, take care that the marzipan turns golden, not black! I needed to cover for the last 15 minutes with tin foil.

Verdict: this pie had my family searching the kitchen for seconds and thirds... they are chocolate lovers and this crust really satisfied their craving with it's dense and moist very chocolatey quality. Fudge brownie anyone?. For me the tangy combination of curd and raspberries was wonderful paired with the almond. I think I would have liked the crust to be lighter, that's me; I'm just not one for dense and moist. It's just how things are around here: tangy versus chocolate and dense and this pie has it all!


  1. I think I'd be happy to just be sitting in that backyard at the table again ... however I'm sure I could go for a slice of the pie as well ;)

  2. That just is a combo made in heaven: chocolate, raspberries and almonds. Yes yes I want pie with that!!!

  3. Lovely pie! And I am so making that chocolatey brownie like crust soon!

  4. Mmm, this looks beautiful and delicious!!


  5. Mmmm, marzipan... and chocolate... and raspberries... YUMMM!!

  6. OMG - chocolate, raspberries, lemon and marzipan all in one pie. Absolutely genious!


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