Friday, March 16, 2007

Newsflash!! Update on the bathroom

This was before.....(and what you don't see here are the stains on the ceiling, the ill-fitting and leaking shower door, the sagging shower cabin, rusty radiator etc. etc.). I already removed the fake Roman plaster decorations from the ceiling and the walls about a year or two ago which revealed so much more mold and stupid amateur ways of building a bathroom (thank you previous owners) that we never had the courage to tackle this ourselves. For dusty pictures of the breaking click here.

So on to this:
And after the building there was "some" tiling to do:

And this is what it looks like now! It's Friday, 13.00 hours....the floor is done and has to dry over the weekend.

Isn't this beautiful? On Monday they will start installing faucets, a mirrored cabinet....and we might be taking our first shower by Wednesday....Do you think I can already start to clean? I've been thinking, I should start with the attic (Floris room) and then work my way down, maybe remove all the protective paper already? Could be ready by Monday...

Something else? I feel real stupid, should I have given these guys that worked here for almost a week on the building and tiling and came up with all these beautiful solutions, cleaned up after they were done, were polite and correct... Well I feel I should have given them more than just coffee and sweets and a firm handshake.... I think they would have liked some thank-you in the way of money. But I always feel too young to tip, to "girly" (yes I am 42 thank you), not mature enough, awkward.... So, I didn't. Which means they were standing there, shuffling their feet, and I was standing there didn't know what to do...(didn't have any money ready....) Bah!

Discussed this with DH, (yes I do think ahead sometimes) Husband said hey, we pay a handsome amount of money so don't worry, but he is not the one standing there.....


  1. BEAUTIFUL !!!
    oh wat zullen jullie genieten...
    maar wees verstandig en maak niks schoon voor werkelijk de laatste bouwvakker de deur uit is.. de goden moet je niet verzoeken !!!

  2. Fabulous new bath, workers over there must be incredible how fast they get things done. Looking super fine.
    Yeah, top to bottom but then the part you want clean is last. Still dust falls but it also tends to rise. Don't know what to say.
    One or two people must be looking for it to be Wednesday.

  3. Think Fairy Dust!
    It is looking good...won't be long now~

  4. Dat geldgedoe komt mij zo bekend voor en met zelfde reactie van mijn DH..
    Badkamer oogt mooi---nog een paar nachtjes slapen.....


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