Friday, September 08, 2006


Yesterday night I was checking the Dutch breadbaking forum and found a link to Zoubida's blog called: Kitchen Culture. Besides unbelievably intricate chocolates and moroccan inspired recipes there was this little recipe that caught my eye... Although it was already late and I had spent the better half of the day in the kitchen, I mentally checked my pantry, figured I had all the necessary ingredients...and in a minute I was whisking away on the chocolate syrup and home-made cream of whiskey. Zoubida cautioned in her recipe to let the cream stand chilled for 24 hrs, I couldn't resist sampling...and it's good! I used whiskey, and real real strong coffee. Next time I will try to tweak it a little as this was a tad too sweet for my taste.
Other than that, this morning at breakfast the kids had their milk infused with the chocolate syrup and they were very happy too! Thank you Zoubida!
This morning (morning, yes!) I introduced the "annual" coffee-club to very tiny, because of the hour, not because I wouldn't share, glasses of whiskey cream. Cheers all around the table. (Angelika, don't worry, I do have regular chat-sessions over coffee with friends, but this was a special once-a-year kind of kaffee und kuchen...) ;-)
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  1. Hi Karen, ooohhh this time I have managed to be ealier than Tanna !
    Quite unbelievable. So I do not have to worry about you - since an ANNUAL meeting would mean far too little laughing, giggling and chatting, all things that are so good for our sanity. Can you imagine how eagerly I am waiting for Tanna and Sue to arrive ?! Hope you will be with us one day... Have a good weekend and enjoy your sweet drink, angelika

  2. This is really not fair. I've missed the chocolate whiskey cream! AND Angelika beat me here too! Not fair, why didn't you tell me you were having it, I'd surely have been right over.
    It really isn't fair that we can't all be together to laugh this one until the world rocks. I'm sure we could even get the world back on track with our laughs!

  3. I just found out about this article. I was off the blogosphere during the last year or so. I'm so glad you liked this drink. Yes, it is sweet and I should go add this precision on the recipe so people can adjust to their liking.
    You have a great blog. I'll add you in my favorite links asap.


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