Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Guests welcome!

There is a wanderer in our garden. And I love the way it's walking around, raising it's beautiful head, last year we discovered it beside the house, this year against the wall at the back of our house. I can't remember the name but I love every bit, the purple flowers, the bells and even when the flowers are gone, there is this deep purple bud left.

Budding beauty


  1. Awesome - looks a little like something here we call a bell flower but that's not very scientific. Don't need a name to enjoy it.

  2. i love the violet color

  3. It's Nicandra , Fruit of Peru or in Dutch Zegenkruid.Aren't they beautiful?
    Its from a poison-family so don't eat the fruits. You can dry them very well, those bells.They are anual plants and will pop up where ever they like in your garden.When its wet enough that in our Holland we have a beautiful climat these days.

  4. WOW! You know! Wat knap. As always I'm completely in awe with someone who knows stuff about gardens...
    Thank you.

  5. Well, to be took me a few books and Google to find the proper name . But I knew there was something about this could eat it OR it would kill you..And that's a difference you should know...Well, keep looking at those lovely flowers but eat something else.

  6. Ummm...yes that's certainly something you need to know. Love the internet and bloggers!!!


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