Saturday, September 09, 2006

Happy Birthday to meeeee!!

Yes, my first car was a BMW! Look at that perky red roof. Love your hair Mom! Ahhh those were the days when I could sit on the roof of a car without leaving dents...
I think I will stand on my head for a while today, they say it relieves stress
.. Stay tuned for more happy birthdays in September..(birthday planning? Not this family!)
PS: I got to unwrap my first presents already! A pasta attachment for the Kenwood, a beautiful shade of lipstick and 6 lovely pastel coloured rectangular individual ovendishes! Spoiled and happy!


  1. Oh, Baking Soda, I would have baked you a cake!
    What wonderful pictures! Love them both.
    No dents! he, he.

  2. Well, you still look as young as you did then...different trousers maybe..Happy birthday !

  3. gefeliciteerd!!!!!!!

  4. Happy birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day!

  5. Oh I am a bit late but it's still your birthday ! All the very best to you, dear Baking Soda ! I love these pics. Good old days ... but the present with so much fun around is not bad either, right ?
    Lots of sunshine to you....

  6. Buon compleanno, Baking Soda!!!

    Tanti auguri!

  7. Happy Birthday! First time leaving a comment but I read your blog regularly and I love it. Have fun. Your previous post made me thirstyQ

  8. A very, very happy birthday, love these old photo's that are almost back in fashion again.
    Wauw great presents!!! This pasta maker is great. I have one too, it just makes a lot of noise :-)
    Funny in our family there are also a lot of birthdays in sept (incl. mine) probably too cold in dec!
    Did you bake something special?

  9. I love those nostalgic pictures! Happy Birthday! :)


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