Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The hunt for Lemon tart....part 4

Come on, sing along: "I heard it through the grapevine..."
The hunt for Lemon Tart still continues… Ivonne from Cream Puffs in Venice misplaced her Lemon Tart in Vancouver, Canada. Then after a thorough search by Tanna in a beautiful garden in Texas a sighting was reported in Dallas, but Lemon Tart disappeared there too, leaving –almost- no trail behind.
It looks like Lemon Tart has every intention of travelling around the globe, for the first trace of Lemon Tart was found in Austria! During the flight, or swim, it tripled and was seen on a plate in a garden in Vienna. Angelika from the Flying Apple did a sensible thing and went inside to make coffee, oh, for only just a minute. But alas, no finders keepers there either, cause when she returned to do Lemon Tart justice it had vanished again!
I wonder….. It appears Lemon Tart has many disguises. Could it be that I saw a yellow glimpse of something
delightful hiding in my raspberry bushes? Could it? Shhh, approach silently, we do not wish to scare it. Over there….careful now..

Go on, Bake my day…. gotcha! There you are, the little culprit landed safely on a plate.

Wait, wait, just a sec, let me get the kids, let them know we have a visitor from abroad and say Hi. Oh no! Can you believe it? Where in the world has Lemon Tart gone to now?

For the filling see Ivonne's recipe at Cream Puffs in Venice. For the pie bottom I used a yeasted dough that is used in Holland in a "vlaai" (Vlaai is pronounced like "fly" ) basically an openfaced fruitfilled pie, originally from the south of Holland.
This is the recipe I used, but there are richer as well as leaner versions:

250 gr ap flour
1.1/2 ts yeast
30 gr butter
1 small egg
75 ml milk
30 gr sugar

Mix, knead and let rise for about an hour or till doubled. Punch down and roll a circle, transfer to piepan and let rise for another 45 minutes. Before filling prick the bottom with a fork. I sealed it with a bit of my mango-strawberry jam. Fill and bake for 25 minutes, 190C. Posted by Picasa


  1. I think maybe Sammy might have seen the missing Lemon Tarts, but he isn't talking!! So good to have your comments. Tanna introduced me to your site and I do enjoy your recipes and beautiful pictures!

  2. Hmm Sammy eh? I wonder...Is he licking his lips?
    Hi Sue, welcome here, thank you for visiting, love to see your comments. Say hi to Tanna from me.

  3. You are just way too much fun! Goodness I do love your writing. Somebody somewhere must be licking lips! Where ever will we see Lemon Tart(s) again?

  4. Do I get frequent flyer miles for this lemon tart???

    Well if it had to get lost ... then I'm glad it got "lost" in the Netherlands. Now if only I could get lost there!


    Well done!

  5. Thanks Ivonne, whenever you are ready to use the miles, you're welcome here in our house!

  6. Oh my goodness ! Lemon tart still is (or rather was) in Europe. But no wonder that it simply had to land on such a beautiful plate ! This post also means a little reflief to me since now I know for sure that it was not Gino who made them disappear... Thank you for joining/continuing the fun ! I am curious where Lemon Tart will be seen next. So Ivonne seems to have started the blog event of the season...

  7. Bulletin: The Great Culinary Detective, Gravlox Bones, is on the case. He is working on a theory that there is may be than one tart (shock! amazement!) and that they have all been tartnapped by a mad, and hungry Evil-Non-genius.
    The Less-than-brilliant Evil One may have been planning on demanding a ransom, felt a bit peckish, and accidentally,er, consumed the victims. After all, we all make mistakes.

  8. My dear Watson, what a genious plot! I think your hunch is quite right, the Madhatter Teaparty comes to mind...


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