Friday, April 14, 2006


Had a very busy week, lot of familybusiness to attend to, bit tired, bit overwhelmed by all the wonderful photos and recipes I've seen in blogosphere, all the efforts made.... Couldn't think of anything worthwile to add.
Besides all that the annual schooltrip was planned this week and I have been in the Efteling all day long with 10 kids in tow, each with their own set of wishes (scratch wishes - make that demands). You would have thought 2 adults and 10 kids would do? Well ...... barely!

To make things worse, my carefully built starter seemed to have given up on me, but I coaxed it back to life again and baked my first bread with it.
Here are the results and, alas, I am not entirely satisfied, it's been a while since I have baked these kind of flat pancake-like breads. The dough was very wet and I should have known better, should have trusted my instincts and add more flour than I already did....

Dough sheets off the hook.
See what I mean? In the proofing it spread all over the bakingsheet....

Rhodes Sabbath Bread (Churek), holes not intended..

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