Friday, March 10, 2006

Japanese salad dressing

Two bottles of beer...lalalalalaa... Nope, two bottles of dressing. Japanese dressing but what's the difference? I haven't a clue, the lettering is all Japanese. Opened and tasted the bottle on the left, oil, mustard, vinegar and maybe some soy-sauce. The red version I bought as a little present for my sister in law. She was on holiday in Japan and raved about a particular kind of dressing she brought home. (Son nr. 3 had the opportunity to sample when sleeping over at her place and said it was very good).
So, I obviously can't open the second bottle to try but we would like to know what it is so I can provide some information to my SIL too. She would be very interested as they were thoroughly impressed with all the things they encountered while vacationing. Already tried the web-address but so far no luck. The company is called Mitsukan. Anyone? Obachan, maybe you are reading this and can help me out? (Probably having a lot of fun reading this while thinking this. is. so. not. Japanese!) All of a sudden it occurs to me that it might only say: "pour over a salad" That would be funny....sorry for being an ignorant western gal.


  1. Seems to me that the red one is hotsauce, very hot maybe...And for the rest is chinese for me ( Dutch expression, meaning very very impossible to read. haha , in this case)

  2. Alright! Here I am! :D
    OK. You’re right about the left one. That’s mustard-soy sauce dressing, and you got the ingredients almost perfectly right.

    The right one is sesame-dressing, which would probably be something like this dressing with ground sesame-seeds added. Not spicy. But I've never tried this Mitsukan dressing before, so I could be wrong. Sorry if I was.

    BTW, looks like Mitsukan doesn’t make this particular sesame-dressing any more… they seem to make new version of sesame-dressing with a new name now. Hope your SIL likes this :)

  3. How I love the Innernet and this blogging thing! Obachan thank you so much for your comment. I almost never buy ready-made dressing but couldn't resist this cutesy bottle. Now I have to get this other bottle to Rotterdam where my SIL lives....
    Again thank you for replying so quick.

  4. A mystery solved, that was fun.


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