Thursday, March 09, 2006


Bewijs geleverd! Er was een tijd dat ik echt lief en schattig was (en iets minder haar had).

Once upon a time there was this really cute little girl, now she's older and has a slightly different coiffure. (I won't disclose anything about my present-day cute-ness)


  1. And is it her birthday?

  2. Great idea but no, it is not! It never occurred to me to save this picture to post on my birthday in september! (Can you tell I'm not a pro-blogger?) It's a kind of sentimental journey, my parents are currently reformatting their slides into cd-rom and they sent me some pictures. I'm having so much fun, memories are coming back (my first princess nightgown) and the clothes and those hair-do's!
    I'm afraid there will be more pictures popping up now and then...


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