Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hear Hear!! The sheep has been named!

After three weeks of lively comments on the first ever name this sheep contest this chirpy sheep has got a brand new name. And a European name at that! Can you feel a bit of fame rubbing off on me? (although it is not my entry, I will not shy away at shearing a tiny itsy bitsy weeny bit of ownership at being a fellow European, hah!) At least we know how to pronounce the name. Imagine an all American girl getting one of her sheep into the barn by calling out loud: Lice-a-lot....... Thank you Wendy for appropriately investigating all the ways to mispronounce this beautiful name. LOL

Although the judges claim they did not receive any actual bribes, there was a lot of what shall I say, clever cajoling, manipulating, namedropping, even bashing ::gasp:: going on. It was so much fun reading all these witty comments at farmgirls blog, I really enjoyed it.
The proud winner is emptying a bottle of bubbly right now. I congratulate you Liselotte, you and your children are the first to win a virtual sheep! (Eat your heart out Nintendo, Nintendogs not even comes close to this one!). Have fun!

Welcome into this brave new world Liselotte!


  1. Thank you and yes, of course all europeans has to be proud of having a sheep named Liselotte running loose in Missouri. I think this was just a lot of fun and now I own my very own virtual (but alive and kicking) sheep. That's a miracle to me :-)

  2. Hi there Baking Soda,
    I got here through your comment on Farmgirl's blog and wanted to comment on yours. It's nice to have a Dutch blog (Belgium girl myself) in my list of favourites now!

    The awful thing with blogs is that you just can't read them all and I always have the feeling that I might be missing out on some of the best blogs.
    That's why I like to discover new blogs people have linked to on their blog or in the comments.

    Here's one I thought I'd share with you and I'm sure you'll like:
    It has the best pictures I've ever seen and is one of my truely favourite blogs. (I don't have a blog myself, so I'm not spamming or tricking you into visiting my blog.)

    Groetjes vanuit het zuiden!

  3. Hey Dana, nice to hear from you and thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. I know what you mean with this blog thing, you can keep reading till you're square-eyed and still think you missed something round the corner! I will go and visit deliciousdays. Aren't you amazed by the quality of pictures and recipes out there? I have a lot of work to do but will try to improve myself and this blog and learning while doing. :)
    Ik hoop je hier vaker te zien!


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