Monday, December 03, 2012

Got that, Mojo?



You are not unmotivated, you are at that place between still water and simmering water.




I think I understood that. Besides the “relaxing” bit. I can’t relax when my head is spinning with all kinds of stuff I should do and my days go on and on with doing nothing at all. Which ultimately results and not getting any sleep, tossing and turning because I’m not worth my crumb. Ugh!
But… I think I’m simmering up to a point of boiling: Made a couple of dresses, one of them still needs a wrap around shrug. Finally finally I have some dough rising on the heated tile floor. The ABC 2012 book is open on the counter, preparing for the last bake of the year baking from Abby Dodge the Weekend Baker: Ginger crackles.


Chrochet some jar covers, looks nice with a votive candle (at least, that’s what I think. The men folk around here think I’m at the end of my wits and there is nothing else I can think of to do..). blog 072

The annual Christmas gathering of friends is at our place in two weeks. Settled on the menu, easy on me this time, almost everything is taken care of by a caterer who will cook for us that night. I used to do a 6 course dinner … for approx. 26 people… with babies in the house. Mojo was big in those days I guess. Still I promised to do the appetizers, bread and the after dinner goodies. Proceedings are going along nicely, we sampled wine, tough job but someone’s got to do it.  blog 074

Hence the doughs rising, I need to figure out how to get the freshest possible bread on the table while not being able to use the oven after 12=ish that day. So I need to bake in advance and freeze, or real real early that day. Then I need loads of cookies for after dinner. Same problem. I want them to be fresh fresh fresh. But again, no time to bake that day. Any ideas for nice after dinner treats that freeze or keep well to go with coffee or tea? Ideas very welcome!

I’m thinking of

- merinques,
- ginger crackles,
- bejewelled cookies,
- chewy amaretto
- cat’s tongues maybe?
- these pretties were nice!
- tiny cream puffs are an option as well (they freeze great)
- oh and I want to make these into santa stockings!


Eh… that might be too much of a good thing? As I said, ideas very welcome!


  1. I always like something chocolaty after dinner... dark chocolate rocks with rice pops, chopped almonds and very finely chopped candied orange peel?? Can make these days in advance!! Or a chocolate ´koek´ (a bit like boterkoek, but made with white chocolate, cocoa powder and lots less butter) with a white choc topping, coloured green and flavored with mint??? xxx

  2. Thanks Richelle! Chocolate is always good isn't it :-) Do you happen to have a recipe for that chocolate koek? I'd love to try!

  3. I love those "Pretties", real christmassy. How bout mini mince pies that's quick (as long as you can buy a jar of mince meat) and keeps for days too.
    Isn't amazing how we remember doing everything with ease some years back, can't understand how I did all that... (omg I'm really getting old)

  4. Recipe sent by email!!


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