Saturday, December 01, 2012

Dear Jane… oooh deze is zo lief!! En leuk! En goed gelukt ook nog


Favoriet van alle blokjes die ik tot nu toe gemaakt heb. Is het geen dotje?


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  1. I thought it might be a Dear Jane quilt. :)

    Every fall, a neighboring town has a local quilt show. This year the theme is the Modern Quilt movement (one of my quilts is in the exhibit). Next year the theme will be Dear Jane quilts. It's always fun to see what quilters create.

  2. Very nice ... maybe I should start quilting ... what a dangerous thought, then I'd bake and sit instead of bake and walk ;-)
    Still, you tempt ...

  3. Gah Tanna ... don't say that out loud! :-D


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