Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Gadgets that work; Ibis garlic press


Ibis garlic press


Just a quick addition to the “gadgets that work” series; my new Ibis Garlic press by Animal House,! Isn’t she a cutie?

She does work well, in that the garlic cloves come out finely pressed and still juicy, the clean-up is very easy (a major reason to buy this one) because once you flip the beak over the other side with the rubber tips gets rid of the garlic remains quite nicely. A quick shower under the tap and you’re done. I just think it could press a little better, have a feeling my old (horror to clean) Brabantia did get a little more out of each garlic clove. Having said that.. I get this one out of the drawer every time I need to press garlic so the Brabantia next to it enjoys a retirement.

There are more fun animal shaped gadgets, and I really think I really really need Wallie the Whale Ice cream scoop: 






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  1. Love it! Do you think it's a Dutch thing that we want all garlic to come out? (as my oxo garlic press has the same problem)

    Totally fell in love with that ice scoop, too cute!


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