Thursday, January 19, 2012

New fabric!


Started this grey and rainy Thursday morning with an introduction Pilates class (ouch!) and went home all energized. Vacuumed the second floor, rearranged the “study”, all our administration from my sewing room (yay! I have a sewingroom now. Need to make pics.) back to the study again.  I need the space the ordners take up in the sewing room after all. Thought it was a good idea to have it all together within easy access so we could pay bills and file away all that paperwork right away.

Not going to happen. As it is, my work table is occupied by fabric and sewing machine and stuff. And… I ordered fabric online so that needs a place as well. This fabric came in the mail this morning! Makes me happy! (and a bit guilty because I am buying fabric without a project in mind…. but isn’t that a part of quilting as well. I believe they call it: “building a stash”.. Well I am building!

Happy! I needed a bit of happy because I got an inkling we have to move/remove the shed in our garden after all. I don’t want to think about it too much at the moment because the stupid, arrogant, ignorant city is making me cry and bash their heads against the wall at the same time.

ZEN… look at my fabric…


  1. Leuke stofjes heb je gekocht. Daar kun je wel een project bij verzinnen, toch?

  2. Hoi Marian, leuk he? Zelf bij elkaar gezocht (*kijkt trots* haha). Ik heb nog geen idee, ik wil altijd veel te moeilijk geloof ik. Komt vast wel goed.

  3. Ja, zo werkt dat hier ook: sporten geeft (... uiteindelijk...) meer energie dan het kost en niets geeft zo'n positieve boost als een fijne stapel nieuwe lapjes! (ok, ok, goede koffie komt ook een eind ;-) ). Heerlijke kleurtjes!


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