Thursday, October 27, 2011

Star fruit pillow and thinking about a sewing room/office

Just some random thoughts....

Made this one some time ago, still in love with the colors and I thought it would fit into the color scheme I am thinking of using in my soon to be dream sewing room/office space. I would really like to use aqua/red/tan.

Already tan/taupe curtains in place and the wooden floor is painted a grayish blue.
So what's with the green in this pillow? Green is out of the color scheme!

red accent color, green and blue together with the tan taupe curtains already in place? Floor is a greyish blue. What do you think?


I need to think some more. About the size of the table (room is tiny and I need space for two to sew. Either one setting for my locker or when my friend and I have our weekly sewing session). Will be continued. I hope.


  1. That pillow is adorable!! I'm really loving your sewing projects. So much so, that I've been thinking about sewing a couple things for myself. We'll see what happens :o)

  2. It's fun to plan a work space just for your way of doing things...and with a friend, even better. Super cute pillow. Maybe the green will blend if there is enough red in the room...

  3. i just like the pillow. would you share how to make a star pillow like that? thanks

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  4. nice idea..thanks for sharing...


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