Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Frangipane Ripple Chocolate Cake for the ABC Bakers

Frangipane ripple chocolate cake topFrightfully late, due to a missing micro SD-card. They don’t call ‘m micro for nothing I guess. Well we found it!ABC Badge_Post
I had planned this Avid Baker's Challenge as well as the last so carefully. Baked both well in advance and served them on our combined birthdays.
The boys love their chocolate so I knew this was going to hit the spot. Combine it with an almond mixture and we have a potential drooler on our hands.
Have to admit right away that I seriously underbaked the cake. I followed the recipe for the baking time but was too insecure to question it. Did test the cake and sure the cake tester came out with crumbs but I blamed the frangipane for it. Then it wouldn’t release clear of the pan… the frangipane stuck to the sides and caused the cake to break at a few spots. Grrrrr!
Took a couple of quick pictures and cut right in… yikes! All moist and crumbly, almost resembling a lava cake. I vowed never ever to bake a cake again! Never! I am SO NOT a cake baker. (The other challenge was a disappointment as well.) Although I’m told repeatedly I set my goals way way too high and not be so harsh on myself. Pffff  I don’t know.
Frangipane ripple chocolate cake
Anyway….To my surprise the frangipane ripple chocolate cake was attacked like there was no tomorrow! People came back for seconds and even thirds or telling me to cut bigger slices! Two requests for the recipe! Do you think I should add to definitely under bake the cake??
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  1. Yes, you are too hard on yourself but then maybe most all bakers are!
    Looks totally lovely to me, no cracks visible. Did you save me a piece ... oh no tomorrow, it's gone.

  2. I think your cake is absolutely yumm! gloria

  3. It looks beautiful, so yes, you are too hard on yourself. Please don't stop baking cakes :o)

  4. This looks stunningly beautiful (not to mention insanely delicious)! I don't think it looks underbaked at all. And personally, I think there is no need to even mention being late. Clearly, you would be far too busy savouring every bite of the cake and then licking your fingers and the bowls to make sure that nothing was wasted.

  5. Must try this one...thirds are not unheard of but indicate a great cake...and baker.

  6. O my, o my, what are you talking about. I don't see no cracks, and lava cake.... yum yum that's my favorite. I agree with the other commenters: you're way to harsh on yourself!

  7. It's just that I was so disappointed when I unmolded it and it was all soft and fell apart (partly). I just had an encounter with a creamcheese buttercream frosting that didn't behave so this was the last drop.
    I managed to put it together again, Humpty Dumpty was all set to serve after pics. LOL
    Thank you for all the kind words, it's needed sometime!


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