Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Soft and Golden Challah

Ever wonder why the things I bake at night always turn out so well and can’t be photographed because it’s too dark?

One of two things; either  accept it and we eat it, or I’ll wait until the next day spending the time shouting Don’t touch!  to my dear family members and end up feeding the birds because it took me so long to make the pics it goes stale. I’m such a dork sometimes!

I can tell you this one was a looker! Another Maggie Glezer recipe.



  1. o yes that's always a problem, people standing around (whatever you bake, cake, bundt or bread)...and having to wait for the sake of a picture. Family members from foodbloggers have to endure a lot.

    This challah looks perfect, great braiding!

  2. Very nice braiding indeed. Nice golden color too. Judging by the title of your post, it was soft on the inside... Nice! I would be interested to see how Flo's recipe compares to this one :o) Keep us posted!

  3. Hanaa and Lien.. yes I loved the braiding and was so disappointed I couldn't get a decent picture!

    Hanaa; I'm looking forward to it!

  4. Beautiful! It looks lovely. Thanks for fighting off the hungry family to share the pic with us.


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