Thursday, December 16, 2010

Updated Italian Bagels? Taralli Pugliesi for the Bread Baking Babes


There we go.. our final recipe in 2010 brings us to Italy. Ilva invited us in her kitchen and shared an authentic Apulian (or Puglia) recipe called Taralli Pugliesi.

In preparation very similar to bagels in that the shaped dough is briefly dumped in boiling water and then baked.


Mine are in the oven as we speak and so far I can tell you that it is far less involved than I thought!IMG_3291

So that’s good news in December. Of course I didn’t realise this AND missed that today is in effect the 16th of December so at the end of the day instead of setting our Christmas tree I am baking tarelli.

IMG_3293I have to say I again need to brush up my reading skills; while we were supposed to have a stiff but manageable dough I ended up with a lovely soft dough which I set to rise… NOT what this is about. Stiff dough, able to roll out into ropes immediately and then rest for 20 minutes! Then boil and bake. Sigh. When will I learn? That being said it was a great dough to work with, and it made my house smell lovely.

For the recipe and instructions on how to bake I gladly refer you to read more: Go over to Ilva's

So if you feel like baking Taralli  and on top of that deserve the Bread Baking Buddy Badge, bake along, blog about it and send the link to Ilva (luculliandelights AT gmail DOT com, please write Bread Baking Buddy in the subject line). Ilva will send you our Buddy Badge and include you in the Buddy roundup too! Deadline is 29th December so there’s plenty of time to bake before or after Christmas (great snack for New Years Eve!).IMG_3294

Edited for pictures and notes:

I have seen the Babes taralli and I wish mine looked so puffed and smooth! I’m not sure where the crinkly comes from, I guess their waterbath was too swift maybe.
Mine definitely needed a longer oven time than stated. They sure smell really really nice and I want to try them again with other flavors such as the peperoncino Ilva suggested. I’m afraid the fennel was a bit much for us.

Definitely a recipe to use and try more than once, possibilities!

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Last, but NOT least, for the Babes THIRD anniversary in February we will be baking a bread suggested by a reader.
Dear reader, this means you!

Just send an e-mail at bakemyday (at)gmail (dot)com and, if at all possible, include the recipe in the body of the e-mail or as an attachment.

So think about it:

  • What’s your favorite bread?
  • What bread haven’t you ever been able to get to turn out the way you want?
  • What bread scares you the most?
  • What’s the bread recipe you’ve baked the most?
  • What bread do you dream about baking?
  • What bread do you…?

Scour your bread-baking cookbooks, recipe boxes and bread-baking sites to make your choice.

The bread YOU suggest might be our Anniversary recipe!!

To be continued…..



  1. I can't wait to see how they turned out, Karen! (I'll wager that they're delicious. Bread WANTS to be bread!)

    You're setting your Christmas tree? Already? Eeek, does that mean we too should be rescuing our tree from the garage and putting it into the living room?

  2. I'm not sure they look the way they should. I think my dough-boiling needs some attention as well, they get all bloated and crinkly.

    Uhm.. tree is still outside. Boxes with decoration in hallway. Opened the boxes but got confused; our house changed so much I don't know where everything needs to go!

  3. I will bet that even a soft, risen dough will make delicious taralli.

  4. I love that you are posting as they bake! Wish my computer came with a button to smell the lovely fragrance that is surely filling your kitchen! I'll bet they turn out beautifully.

  5. so how did they turn out? You must update the post!

  6. They look great to me! I love the pic of them on the stocking.

  7. They look great! Smooth and round. Lovely.

    (Ha! I wonder if yours are even better because you let the dough rise.)

  8. There so cute - and Christmas - y. Must make more to be festive wtih...

  9. That's just a wonderful nibble while you're finishing your tree!!
    They look great!
    I agree that this month flew passed like a maniac, glad you were able to bake and post in time too.

  10. Bij de Bagel Bakery (mediterraan/ Israelisch) in R'dam hebben ze heerlijk 'liefdesbrood', een zacht brood met groene kruiden, en smaakt heerlijk met olijfolie of humus. Het enige recept wat ik heb kunnen vinden is dit:, maar heb het nog nooit gemaakt. Misschien iets voor de BBB?

  11. Mmm klinkt goed; "liefdesbrood" Ik ga kijken naar het recept en zet het op het lijstje van mogelijke kanshebbers. Dank je wel!

  12. I am ready to give these another whirl too. I fouled up the directions as well and I would love to tweak the ingredients a it as well.

    Happy Holidays and baking!


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