Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A knob is a knob or is it?



Trying to locate all my notes on cups vs grams. I know they are somewhere in this house. Haven’t found it yet so googling for conversions.

And found –among more practical notes- this:

A knob

Another definition for "knob" of butter is the amount of butter you get when you slice the corner of a block of butter to form an isosceles right-angled tetrahedron equal to half the height of the block of butter. This averages about 2 tsps.
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(picture from here)

Ah… maybe I’m more of a visual person.

I think I will revert to eyeballing…


  1. Haha-ha-ha!! I just choked on my coffee ... a post most appropriate for my geeky soul. Thanks for making my day!

  2. Eye ball, yes the truest measure in the universe!
    Is there an icon for spiting coffee on your laptop because you laughed?

  3. Yeah. Right. Because ... all butter comes in the same geometry? I think not!

    Wonderful find, though.

  4. ok let's suppose you'll be needing 5 knobs...*gasp* what's a unsuspecting baker got to do? Why.... break out another block for sure!

  5. I never knew that a knob was an actual measure!! I always thought it was about half way between "some" and "a good shot". I'm reeling at this explanation from "Practically Edible".


    (Can't stop laughing at the "eyeballing" comment.)

  6. Aha! I love this definition!! I posted some time back about nob vs knob or butter - which is it??

  7. So funny..what if you need 5 knobs hahaha,this is just too much in the heat!!
    I just assume when they say knobs, pinches and stuff like that you're free to interpret.

    I always wondered how much a cup of apple slices is... it would all depend on how you pack them in there wouldn't it. Thank God for metrics!

  8. So.... If I want more butter in a recipe I should buy the 1000gr block instead of the 500gr block? The triangle being bigger?

  9. Wow, who knew there was so much math involved in butter?
    Eyeball all the way! :-)

  10. If you need 5 knobs.....just turn the pack and start on the other 4 corners/knobs.
    Life is simple....;-


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