Friday, May 07, 2010

A hole in the wall / Gat in de muur. Eentje maar?


Only one? I proudly present our three holes in the wall. The electrician came, saw and asked: Wouldn’t it be easier to just break it all down and build it up again? He might have a point there. Less former owner mishaps to deal with. 60 years ago our house was one of the first houses built in tiny town. Specifically built in this location to house the headmaster and his family. (The school used to be on the curb across the street). Between his and our family this house was owned by someone who had his own way improving. Harumph. So we’re not only dealing with 60yr old but also with spaghetti wiring in the basement, inventive tv cable lengthening, winding water pipes under the bathroom floor (because it simulates under floor heating?!….. =:()

On to the holes… you’re looking at our former outside wall. The first hole was our kitchen, the second hole is made in the wall of our living IMG_0801room. IMG_0799

The third hole? Let me show you…
A complete and random hole in the wall between our living room and computer/school work room to be. And I love it!!
Although I suspect that the builders think I’m utterly crazy I hereby declare this a stroke of genius. See how you can look through aaaaallll the way to the window in the back? How the light (chorus: The light. The light. Tell us about the light!) washes in through all the holes in the walls? I think we need to find another word for them for they might feel a bit desillusioned being called “holes”. When all is finished we’ll have a view of the kitchen island from this point.

This is going to be plastered (stucco?), no frames. I’m thinking a giant size flower pot to soften the view…


Eeeh… above on the right you see a line on the wall? That’s not a line. It’s a cut. A little “Oops” moment. Cut too wide. So glad I told them exactly where to cut and marked it on the wall.



  1. Laat die overige muurtjes ook maar weghalen, dan heb je een loft :-)

    Joh, volgens mij gaat dit heel mooi worden!

  2. Het is echt een zee van ruimte extra!! Kan me toch wat moeilijk het grondplan voor de geest halen, hoe alles zit, maar groot wordt het in ieder geval. En die 'licht'punten verzin je toch gewoon later! Komt helemaal goed!
    Is de tuin al leeggeschept?


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