Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sixteen tons and what do you get?

"Another day older and deeper in debt...."

Almost almost! (The day/year older will come very soon and I'm afraid that the plans we are developing will bring us to the second part of the line pretty soon as well.)

Sixteen tons? Not yet, but as you might have noticed it's been even more silent than ever here, we've spend three weeks in France, Brittany. The weather? As the locals say: it's going to be beautiful 4 times-a-day in Brittany. And inbetween you have rain, wind and clouds. Yes.
I can tell you that we planned to canoo, swim and hike but the bodyparts that got the best work out were my behind and my arm (sitting and turning pages of book after book) Oh that, and the heavy lifting of the occasional glass of wine of course. Occasional. Huddled in two sweaters in your tent you have to keep warm eh?

We ate well. Of course we ate! It's Brittany! So we had super fresh seafood, fish, langouste, shrimp, mussels. In my camping kitchen I cooked wonderful mussels, just with a little of the local salted butter, an onion, a carrot, some hard cider, herbs, pepper and salt and to finish it off a spoonful of that luscious local créme fraiche. A baguette...

For two consecutive days we couldn't resist the catch of the day: fresh cooked large shrimp which we quick-fried in garlic and olive oil.

Would you like to know about the crépes and galettes? Sweet crépes with just lemon and honey, or the hearty organic buckwheat "galette complète" with a fried egg, cheese and ham, sauteed creamy mushrooms?

The salted butter?

Sixteen tons.... oh the Breizh know how to eat! Plus they have their own cola, now how cool is that?

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