Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bread Baking Babes: Almost Wordless Wednesday

{feta cigars}
I would have told a tale of tahini, Sukkar bi Tahin to be exact. Today is our posting day, the day Natashya invites us to join her at her Kitchen of the Month to bake sweet tahini filled swirls. Sounds good no? I thought so...
{walnut filled dates wrapped in bacon}
But today is also DH birthday. His 50th. He didn't want any 'circus'. I decided to do a little bit of juggling after all. He doesn't know. Yet. (Hi honey I hope you're busy at work scooping runny caramel custard sauce next to pillow-like brioche cake and not pay attention to my blog hehe. Have a nice day!).
{wasabi deviled eggs}
Instead of showing tahini swirls I'll show you an -almost- Wordless Wednesday, updating as I go. Please head over to Natashya to see what I should have done, don't forget to pay a visit to all my wonderful sisters in arms (knights in shining?) to see what they made (links in the side bar). I promise you, it's worth it! My swirls will follow soon.


  1. What a feast! I am coming over right now...
    It all looks so tasty.
    Happy Birthday, Husband of Babe!

  2. Be sure you let me in the front door for the party tonight - well I don't mind coming around the back either ;)
    Bacon dates, feta cigars ... I'm there!

  3. OH your hubby is going to have such a wonderful day/evening! Can't wait to see your swirls too.

  4. Ah, you got me drooling here, please pass the feta cigars! And the wasabi eggs! And don't forget a large piece of cake!

  5. All that good looking food is making me hungry, especially the feta cigars! Yumm!


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