Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bread Baking Babes bake Croissants

Do they? This Babe had her panties twisted, not her croissants! Our Kitchen of the Month is situated in France this time, Katie invited us to her place, the warmth coming not from a stove/oven but she managed to light up the room with her wit and charm while providing us with a very daunting task; create croissants!
I will tell you right away: I failed. Miserably. So you can stop reading now if you like. Instead I'll show you a before and after post. Let me lead you through the steps, one by one:

Before on the left, and after on the right (yes, after baking):
Now, there's a significant change as you can
 see. I  can't either. Not puffed, not flaked, just baked. I don't think I can blame the recipe alone, my mind wasn't entirely on the task. The dough was very very dry, I
quickly consulted some other recipes, added some melted butter and milk but it still had a weird feel. Then I had it in the fridge for longer than it said in the recipe so I threw it out to start over again.
And that my dear readers, that just didn't happen.

You see, I was and still am trying to conquer this before and after show: 

the change in the pictures is not as glorious as in real life but let me tell you, this hallway changed
 from cappucino beige (yeah I don't know what I
was thinking then) to bright white. I'll show you what happened in that room in the back...

From this on the left to that on the right
: again from -a lighter shade- caffe latte to bright white.

And... the new room on the
 other side of the hall: removing another chimney, building to create this wonderful room on the right:

Now you will understand that these croissants need a make-over. I can think of another much needed make-over as well:
It might not have read this way but I did enjoy the break from painting and baking with my two other Babes, Tanna and Ilva! I had fun, they had croissants! Please go and see what beauties my other Babes all created! 

Edit: I forgot to add our Baking Babes label and the pics and text are all crooked... don't feel up to try and correct this now, sorry!


  1. Right down to the painted jeans this soars! Katie's wit with this one kept us going.
    You baked, laughed and painted, you didn't fail. You just didn't get the croissant out of it you wanted.

  2. ah damn those croissants.... look what you accomplished there. Wow you really worked hard, looks great!! Hope those are you painting pants and not good ones that you wore thinking you could keep them clean (as I once did... well I had painting pants from that point on). Great job girl!

  3. They were clean when I started! I saved this pair just for painting purposes but as always there's as much paint on me as on the walls.

    The point where I am at now is the hard part... the bigger surfaces are all done, now it's doors, their frames and windowframes and I HATE that!

    After that is sewing curtains, making a desk (yes!) and decorating. Oh and moving.
    Cleaning. That too.

    Can I cry now?

  4. Oh, Well Done!
    The building... I mean! (You didn't say how they tasted... the croissants, I mean)
    When you're finished with yours you can come help with mine.

  5. Who cares about croissants, when you have a gorgious attic.Great job, well done .And save that jeans for the rest of your life, as a medal for this huge work.

  6. So sorry they misbehaved, did they taste good anyway?
    You did a fabulous job so far on your attic, it is going to be a great space to be in.

  7. You've done a hell of a job. Re-building, painting next to all the other'normal' activities when you're a wife and a mother. Fantastic.

    Another moment, another time you'll bake wonderful croissants. I'm sure.

  8. What an event in your home! I hope the dust settles soon so you can enjoy the changes. Too bad the croissants just didn't do their thing, hopefully next time!

  9. Your croissants look the part, too bad they didn't act the part. I can imagine that renovations and laminated dough don't go very well together. Do try again though!

  10. what a great job you are doing in those rooms, I admire you! what is a croissant compared to that? NOTHING!

  11. You may not have succeeded without croissants (and neither did I!) but you created a fantastic room instead! (I didn't!)

  12. Your project looks beautiful! Well worth the effort. And your house must be much warmer now. The croissants look beautiful, so sorry the taste didn't match!


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